LODI RULES for Sustainable Winegrowing is California's original sustainable viticultural program. This program truly began from the ground up, with grape growers deciding it was important for the future of the Lodi region. Our certification process is rigorous, based in science, voluntary and third party accredited and audited. LODI RULES certified growers make up an innovative community with a history and commitment of farming quality winegrapes through the implementation of viticulture practices that balance environmental, social and economic goals. LODI RULES is designed to communicate their commmitment to sustainable agriculture to wineries and hte general public.

"When you drink a glass of wine made from LODI RULES certified grapes, you are supporting a farmer, a vintner, and an entire agricultural community that embraces their responsibility to care for the environment and their neighbors."

About the winemaker

Jamey Whetstone moved out of Napa Valley from his home in South Carolina to manage Mustards Grill in 1996. Simply captivated by the community, lifestyle and culture of wine country, he found himself quickly growing roots. By 1998, he had begun his winemaking education at Turley Wine Cellars where he would remain in his apprenticeship until 2005. During that time, he spent a summer sabbatical working for the Seysses Family at Domaine Dujac in Morey-Saint-Denis and laid the groundwork for Whetstone Wine Cellars in 2002.